Solo Show in Middle Street Gallery in Little Washington


My gallery in Rappahannock Co, VA, Middle Street Gallery, has just moved from Sperryville to Little Washington, right next door to the Inn, at 325A Middle Street, Washington, VA. Yes, Middle Street: we are back were we came from and where we started in 1983. 

The timing of this move was such that my show "Doodling in the Dark" will be the first one in the new location. It will be installed on December 8 and run through January 14, 2018. The Opening Reception will be Saturday, December 9, from 3 to 6pm. And on December 10 the fabled Little Washington Christmas Parade will take place. My cup runneth over ...

Doodling in the Dark Composite.jpg

Since the middle of 2016 I have been working on my Doodles. The turmoil in the country, and in the world at large, upset me badly and I needed an antidote, which I found, as usual, in art. But I wanted something that would give me instant joy and amusement, distraction and above all FLOW, that elusive and addictive state of mind that makes everything around you disappear. And so, Doodling in the Dark is what I've been doing ever since, steadily working towards my initial goal of 50 pieces, a selection of which will be on view at Middle Street Gallery. Come have a look! "